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Top Tips for happy Christmas shopping with Parcel Motel!

November 24, 2016 News

Top Tips for happy Christmas shopping with Parcel Motel!

Make Christmas shopping easy with Parcel Motel so you can sit back and enjoy the run up to Christmas!

1. Always include both your full name and PMID in your delivery address. You should also add your orders to your Shopping Diary in your ‘My Parcel Motel’ account, just in case the sender leaves out these details. If buying from an eBay, Amazon Marketplace or AliExpress seller, we recommend you send them a message to emphasise the importance of including your PMID.

2. If you’re registered for a busy location, please change to a nearby alternative to avoid unnecessary delays to your deliveries. Check our list of busy locations and suggested nearby alternatives here. If you live in Dublin, you can also choose the Nightline Depot in Finglas as your collection location as there will be no delays here.

3. If you know your parcel has arrived with us more than 24 hours ago and you have not received a check-in notification, you can use the Find My Parcel service to locate your parcel. Just log into your My Parcel Motel account and fill in the details.

4. If you are waiting longer than expected on your parcel to arrive, ask the seller for proof of delivery to see if it has arrived at the Parcel Motel Depot as it may still be in transit.

5. Although your parcels can stay for for 48 hours, we’d ask you to please collect your parcel at your earliest convenience to make room for more parcels.

6. The cut off time for receiving parcels in Belfast is 11am. If your parcel arrives at our Belfast Depot after 11am, it will not be checked in until the following day. There is no time restriction for parcels received at our Dublin Depot.

7. Check the transit times on the website you are purchasing from and add an extra day or two for delivery during November and December as every carrier experiences delays during this time of year.

8. If you are helping Santa with his presents, make sure you order in plenty of time and we’d recommend not to depend on anything purchased outside of Ireland after 16th December 2016. Check out the last delivery dates for December 2016 here.

9. If you’re planning on purchasing any large items, please check our charges first before you buy as we charge for weight and size. You can find our price calculator here.

10. If you do not live near a Parcel Motel and wish to use our service, you can now have your parcels delivered to an address of your choice. Click here for more details.

11. If you’re buying from a UK retailer on a ‘.ie’ site, check the prices on their ‘.uk/.com’ site to see if you can save money on the sterling exchange rate. For example, and are 25% cheaper than their ‘.ie’ sites.

12. Please check our prohibited items list before you buy to avoid disappointment. For example, alcohol and fresh foods are prohibited and cannot be shipped through our network.

Happy Shopping!

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